Refund policy

Returns, Refund & Exchanges

This shop does NOT refund custom made items, this includes printed material such as t-shirts. If you order a custom item, you will be sent a picture for final approval before your item is shipped. 

This shop does NOT refund for delayed caused by the carrier service shipping. This shop can only control how fast we get your purchases into the hand of the carrier service. Once it is in the hands of the carrier service, the time that it takes them to deliver is the carrier services control. 

This shop does not provide a refund for damages that occurred during shipping. You will need to file an insurance claim with the carrier service as it is their service and employees that damaged your package. Please take pictures of the condition of the box and damages. This will aid in filing your claim. If you have any problems filing your claim, please contact us at:

This shop does NOT except returns or exchanges on any of any kind.